Awesome obstacles are the name of our game.  Check out what we have in store for you.

Slime Slide - Ascend the steps and sit down in the slippery ooze as you prepare to swish and slide into the super slimy green goo pit.


Cargo Climb - Crawl, clamber & climb up the crosshatch rope to claim the crown as conqueror of cargo net climb.


Noodle Forest - Find the fastest path through a forest of four-foot foam noodle fun.


Foam Finish - Finish your run with a foamy frolic. Feel your way through the frothy foam goodness that is falling from the sky.


Team Beam - Bravely balance with your buddy as you walk the ziggy-zaggy beam. Going up, going down, going left and going right. These beams require balance nice and tight.


Bungee Barricades - Run with rhythm through the horizontal, vertical and random rubber ropes that restrict your route.


Bubble Ball Pit - Bound through a boisterous pit of big balls while being bombarded with a blizzard of bubbles.


Tube Quake - Quickly crawl through these springy culverts. Before their quaking movements cause your stomach to go queezy.

Soaker Surprise - Be selective with where you stroll, for a surprise soaking is waiting with every step. Sudden sprinkler spurts are controlled  by parents on the side.

Balloonatics - Barely less than a billion balloons blowing in billowing circles. You need to burst through to bust the far boundary.


UnderNet - Get caught in the UnderNet. An unbelievable challenge that is often underestimated, but never left undone. The only time your parents will encourage you to slouch, crawl and carry on in the dirt.


Over Unders - Up and over, down and under. Don’t let the barricades block your body as you bounce, bob and bowl through this bodacious obstacle.